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Olive Trees
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5 Piece Kitchen Set
5 Piece Kitchen Set

5 Piece Kitchen Set with 3 spoons, 1 ceramic dish and 1 olive wood base holder.

Olive Wood Bread Baguette Dish - 30cm

Olive wood bread tray/dish for standard baguette

Tealight Holders - Set of 3
Tealight Holders - Set of 3

Handmade Olive wood tealight holders - Set of 3.

50cm Olive Wood - Live Edge Cutting / Chopping Board

Handmade Olive wood boards are ready for your kitchen. This is a live edge natural cut board.

About our New olive wood shop

This website is operated by I Love Zero ltd, an award winning Zero Waste shop located in Yorkshire. Our customers love olive wood so we decided we would build a separate website dedicated to Olive wood and the many products made from it.

Olive trees are Nature's gift that keeps on giving.

Olives taste nice and are a good source of unsaturated fats which boost heart health. Olive oil is used in kitchens the world over, but did you know Olive oil can be used to remove eye makeup, moisturise skin, shine stainless steel, quiet a squeaking door, alleviate cradle cap and help prevent hair balls in your cat. 

Slow growing Olive trees provide yields of Olives from around 7 years of age and can provide stable yields for another 80 years. Although they can keep producing Olives for hundreds of years their yeild slowly declines. It is when their yeild becomes irregular and uneconomical that they are be felled to provide the source wood for many hand crafted products.

Olive wood is admired for its beautiful curly grain. The random waves add a uniqueness not seen in other woods but due to it's lack of pattern Olive wood provides artisans with an uncooperative wood to work with.

With its dramatic light and dark shadowing we love the ways it looks. Browse our selection and treat yourself to one of Nature's spectacular creations.